Important health reminders for September

Health info for next year

Summer is a good time to schedule your child for their required health examinations and immunizations for next school year.

Health exams (physicals)

New York requires all students in public, private and parochial schools to have regular physical health exams. Your child will need a health exam if they will be in one of the following grades in September:

  • Prekindergarten OR kindergarten;
  • First grade;
  • Third grade;
  • Fifth grade;
  • Ninth grade; and
  • 11th grade.

Please schedule an appointment with your child’s health care provider if they will be in one of those grades this September. If you do not have a provider, the school nurse can help you find one.

Your . Once you have the paperwork, please bring it to the school nurse.

Students participating in sports also need to have a health exam every year. In some cases, a health exam is required for students getting working papers or at the recommendation of the Committee on Special Education or the Committee on Preschool Special Education.

Immunizations (shots/vaccinations)

before they can attend school.

Please contact your child’s health provider to schedule the immunizations. You also can make an appointment to get school vaccinations through the 33Ƶ County Health Department by calling (518) 447-4589 or Whitney Young Health at (518) 573-2556.

and you must give it to the nurse at your child’s school.

Medications at school

If your child requires medications during the school day, families must provide the nurse with a written order from a health provider and written permission from the parent or guardian.

An adult must bring the medication to school, and it must be in its original labeled prescription or over-the-counter bottle or packaging. Families also must provide the nurse with any supplies or special equipment that administer the medication.

Contact your child’s school nurse for more information.