Middle school enrollment questions

Academic equity and programming FAQs

This section contains questions from families related to academic equity and programming.

One of the metrics I keep seeing and hearing about is “curriculum is the same at all schools.” Can you describe what is meant by this? NYS Standards are the same for each grade level, but, even at the elementary level, how a teacher designs lessons to meet the standards varies, even within a grade level. What does it mean at the middle school level that “all curriculum is the same?”

New Scotland Elementary School uses AVID practices and my children have benefited from it. Are there plans to continue this method or expand this method at the middle school level, particularly at the middle school that New Scotland feeds to?

I am concerned about another transition for Dual Language students. This program was just moved (from Delaware Community School to Edmund J. O’Neal School of Excellence to accommodate the start of an expansion that will see the program grow from one-deep to two-deep). It is now a vulnerable program that some families have left. The current fifth-graders have very little stability and have expected to go to Hackett. I think most of them live closer to Delaware Community School. It is upsetting to think they will once again have a huge, unexpected change. Why does it seem like a definite to send Dual to North 33短视频?

How can parents of children who have 504s request to have their children in their selected school because it would cause too much confusion and frustration for their child to be shipped across town or out of their neighborhood to go to school? Is their neighborhood preference?

Can you give an example of resources that are currently available at one but not all middle schools?

Dual Language is a program that by design is 50% Spanish-speaking families. What is your plan to give this population a voice?

As a whole, the school district has low academic performance as compared to other districts within the state.

It appears that equity assessments and proposals from the district have been geographically based. Has any thought been given to assessing needs and implementing improvements to existing school building communities? Geographically based changes may improve some areas of problems based on spacing, etc., but are not likely to address root causes as to the other factors that influence poor academic performance.

Some changes may actually exacerbate these problems or lead to families leaving the district. Has any thought been given to increasing equity by increasing district-level academic performance as a whole by providing children and families the academic support they need to do so?

Having children change school buildings is intended to be equitable but the actual impact on school- and student-level academic performance may not be significant and could in fact be superficial. I'm not sure I understand the focus on feeder patterns and not on making sure the district's academic performance increases by providing the resources and tools that students need to be successful.

Can you explain how changing where most of the elementary schools feed into addresses the inequities between middle school buildings? What is the main cause of those inequities: administration, staff and resources? How are those issues being addressed?

What differentiation is provided for middle school students performing above grade-level standards?

What happened to the agreement that was made between ASH and Myers? Us parents have been repeatedly told our school will be Myers! This agreement has been in place since Myers was built! I have spoken to several parents that have said the same thing!

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